NotSafeForWork Makes 4 hearty servings & fits on 1 page!

June 20th, 2009, 2:20 pm

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What? Chains and furry girls, I said it was consensual, I didn't say it wasn't kinky. XD Did I cover everyone? Hot guy, hot girl, some kind of cyborg dude with a hot girl. An androgenyous being with a short winged fairy/elf guy for the artsy folk. I was also pointing out one of those fandom story cliches that show up frequently in fan fics/comics.
I was just worried people would think chibis were all I did. =>_>=; And the title comes from one of my new Coworkers who was reading a recipie and blurted that out. we thought she was talking about art.
Hey do these look like book marks to you too?


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the last one looks like hinata


I absolutely LOVE this page! Your lines are so clean and crisps - brilliant! Also, I'm pretty jealous that you can draw gorgeous looking boobs lol. I find them so difficult to draw!

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