M.P.E.A.D. mermaid proplem

September 1st, 2009, 5:30 pm

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i need a venti triple mocha choca latte STAT!!

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HOMG I actually updated! Offended by nipples? Cool. I'm not. yay nudity! =^_^= Due to budget cuts at VA Tech the computer lab closes at 5pm instead of 11pm now. and the other lab is quite a hike. Not that i'm not going i just want a month of comics drawn and that's like 12. actually 11 counting this one.


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The DVant One (Guest),

Cool. I never quite got what the busty mermaid was all about either. All I know is that Barstucks used to be a groovy little local coffee shop in Seattle before it became the beast it is now.

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