Cowerkers: The Fast food edition

November 21st, 2009, 5:09 pm

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I'm a hypocrite! I haven't posted in weeks!

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Join the fun! Give me a good description of the types of people you've worked with and I'll add them In the Office and retail editions. I've never worked for either of those. =^_^=;


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Satal (Guest),

You ever going to post again? I miss Deirdreverse. And I check it every day. Not that Whorlene McPantydropkins isn't hilarious every time, but I want to see what else is up your sleeve.


The ghetto co wotker(s). Loud as hell, chatty 7 and a half hours of your entire shift in a voice that carries, usually your boss, talks about their boyfriend/baby's daddy and how he is a bastard, getting their nails/hair done, their kids, and general gossip. I hope this doesn't seem mean or racist. I am half African American, and not all people I discribed are African American. I just had a lot of co-workers like this at McDonald's when I worked there.

There was also the slower guy who was generally happy with life, but it was pretty clear that his station was where he has always been and will always be.

And B.O guy, the guy who sweats like the dickens and doesn't seem to know what deodarant is. Generally, you choke on his B.O.


P.S, what do you charge for commissions? I suddenly want a "What if Utena was a bunch of furries scene.

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