We belong to the Sea: Soggy $1 Bar & Erte', Cam Am cycle & Cracked topics

I want to go here, Soggy Dollar Bar
And i'd love to wear a dress made from an Erte design, I've inked at least 2 comics to post. I'm hoping to fill up may with comics! Yay!!!!!!
japanese monsters
Jennifer Love Hewitt
The Deep Ocean, have to remember this one when i finish drawing Breezy! XD
Zombies 1996 is when Resident Evil came to Playstation. 
Shaun of the Dead is the first film in what writers Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg refer to as their "Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy" and so far has been followed by Hot Fuzz. The third film in the parody trilogy, The World's End, is set to be released in 2010. More on zombies, 6 Signs You're About to be Attacked byZombies, What’s Your Zombie Contingency Plan? 11 Practical Strategies, if you fight zombies you'll need Guns, California is even more cool than I thought. That Windows XP desktop default picture is Napa Valley. and now you know!... I want that 3ft long 30x cheeseburger! =(O_O)= Martial Arts Holy Shit!!!
I was looking for the Can-Am Spyder roadster: three wheeled motorcycle, mechanical centaur legs?! cool!

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