1/2 Prince and kodomo no Jikan

this post brought to you by Bak Updates Manga, because no one else knows what i'm talking about.
someone's translating the actual novel, western beauty, Odd Squad Scanlations with a name like that I know their Prince Fans,
IS WAK used to do 1/2 Prince, hey at least they filled the gap!
I'll be blunt the kids in my elementary school were freaking perverts, so I'm not really shocked by Kodomo_no_Jikan. that's a really good well written review the 1st one, BTW. I'm not from the children are innocent and pure as the driven snow mentality. I'm too old for that, and seriously i've hung out with too many ghetto kids when i was grade school age. I was the pure as the driven snow one. XD But when i first read the series i knew it would push some buttons and must never be brought to America. We as a nation aren't laid back enough for it and still frequently say Japanese books are printed 'backwards' as though there's only one way to print and it's the only right way. Different culture think differently once we accept that then we can have Kodomo no Jikan. here's someone who didn't like it to be fair.
brass knuckle everything!

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