Steampunk, it's the new black

flamethrower exaust
i searched steam punk London and Victorian London
the telescope
11 steampunk toys
president steampunk mmorpg
scifi fantasy corner
steam punk
lego steam
design and made outfit
Steam punk times
and then i searched 'steampunk' on youtube:gentlemans emporium clockworkcouture California Steampunk Convention 2008 What is Steampunk? How to make a Steampunk Outfit, Threadbanger, i've actually used the bloomer pattern for a gothic lolita outfit. STEAMPUNK RAYGUNS!
i googled 'bodice making' Full Directions for Making the Bodice & Skirt of a Walking outfit
Making Bodices personally i prefer the Duct tape method since wrapping people in duct tape is hella fun.
illustrated Glossary of victorian Sartorial terms, i.e. fashion words I love the pictures, and Marie sleeves are awesome
Ehow's bodice article the links on the right side look great
cut the side panel on the bias to increas movement?! That's brilliant!! AND they have direcitons for a No Sew Tutu?! they win and i now have an instant petticoat option!
witches closet creations
Idy's 1895 Ball gown
Clothesmonaut is a very awesome blog that asks, 'What Does a Steampunk Bellydancer Wear?' the answers are even better than the question.
The Scented Salamander
Freehand Cutting Front Bodice
Jessica's May 2010 Medieval-Themed Wedding Stuff
this'll help with gosurori First debut of Rust Gown Basic Bodice Drape: Front measure yourself
1987 costume
History Undressed and for BJD fashionista [url=][/url]
Now those are fun clothes products Steamfashion Steam recumbent bike
Steam Punk
i googled '1/8 scale sewing patterns book'
vintage victorian
Patterns of Fashion 2: Englishwomen's Dresses and Their Construction C.1860-1940
Sewing For Life!
THE SEWING DIVAS sewing, design, fashion
Sewing Central Historic Patterns and Fabrics
Women’s Wear of the 1930s
Women's Wear of the 1920's: With Complete Patterns
Women's Wear of the 1930's: With Complete Patterns
Women's Wear Fashions 1930 A Smart Coat for the Winter - Size 38 B
TheatreBooks Costume & Fashion

_________Sept, 11, 2009_______________
googled 'steampunk fashion' then 'custom plus size corset', and
now THAT's steampunk. good now i have ideas. =^___^=
SteamPunk Fashion Links
the Steampunk Fashion Flikr group flikr SP pool, DivineCaroline, About's DIY section
steampunkworkshop, SP umbrellas I mean seriously, Who ARE these guys?!!
oh goggles, now those are inspirational, Aabsinth, fyrechylde has pics of actual customers. Starkers has customer pics too, Don't Tell Me What Size I Must B - Alternative Clothing links

Bodice directions no pictures
circle cloak
recomends a book
How to make and fit a bodice
1 for the furries


Big Bals Lingerie
________Sept. 12, 2009__________
NicAnn Mardee the waist cincher lady
PDF Agurumi Kittens
=tags&includes[]=title]Wench Bodice SCA CUSTOM
mulliganstewboutique I think I know how she made the
Ruffle Shoulder Wrap Pattern PDF - Fabric flower tutorial included.
=tags&includes[]=title]Taeliac Studio: now with 50% more STEAMPUNK
Steampunk Aristocrat Tailed Bodice in Black, Gold and Pinks
SP Aristocrat Elegant Cream Tailed Waist Cincher
=tags&includes[]=title]Sew Be It Creations - Costumes & Accessories made this, Ladies Renaissance Dress with Damsel Bodice
=tags&includes[]=title]Summer Rose Beaded Fairy Bodice
=tags&includes[]=title]Woman's Pirate Sexy Outfit
=tags&includes[]=title]Neottie Antiqued Bodice
=tags&includes[]=title]VICTORIAN VINTAGE STYLE CORSET WITH PEPLUM IN ETERNAL ROSE by Marcella and ArtepArt.
=tags&includes[]=title]Pirate Renaissance Medieval Wench Corset Bodice
=tags&includes[]=title]Purple Flower Renaissance / Medieval Bodice
=tags&includes[]=title]Bodice Corset Dress, Steam Punk Gown
=tags&includes[]=title]BABOOSHKA Dropped Crotch n Draped Bodice Suspender Jumper Romper
=tags&includes[]=title]Essential Renaissance Wench Brocade Bodice
=tags&includes[]=title]Gwendolyn 3pce Jewelry Set
High-waist corset skirt tutorial
Steam Fashion LJ [url=]Answers[/url] the question, "How long does it take to sew a shirt?"
Sheep lamps and toys in fact this blog rocks.
mini hippo plush
How to sew a two in one ”Victorian” skirt
How To Craft – Sew an A-line Skirt (in 1 Afternoon
ericabunker Why Steam punk looks good as unintentionally explained by a famous designer
Fashions fade style is eternal~ Yves Saint Laurent
Primenumber super crafty version
How to make a pill Box hat old skool directions!

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